i am not a human being.

Jade, 20.I love my cat, my friends and my family. Music keeps me going and films entertain me.

About Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my about me (:

My name is Jade-marie Symonds. I’m 17, go to suffolk new college studying the extended diploma in Art and design. I love tattoo’s and piercings, sweets, my cat,  cakes, eminem, lil wayne, music, milk, food, and Matthias.

Me and Matthias are engaged. We haven’t been together for too long, but i’ve known him for nearly 4 years. He’s an amazing person who has helped me through so much it’s unreal. I have very low confidence because of this, even now, in my amazing relationship, i feel insecure and scared, but not as scared as before. I’ve had a bit of a rough time, but i’m not going to complain because people have had it a lot worse than me. I’m just explaining.

My parents split up when i was six and my dad moved 36 miles away. my mum got into some serious fucked up shit and neglected us for a bit, till she came to her senses and met someone nice. My step dad has lived with us longer than my own father. But i love my dad just as much as i always have and always will. I have a few health issues like hypermobile joints which is basically being double jointed, but it’s so bad i get a lot of pain from it. Also, only half of my right lung works, due to being seriously ill as a child. This has also ruined my immune system and i’ve had a lot of trouble with illness. I had a lot of shit through high school. people who were supposed to be my friends told people i was dead when i was in hospital and spread sick rumours saying that i said my dad was dying of cancer. so i’d rather not remeber those times.

I smoke very rarely but i do love to drink. Jack Daniels is the way to my heart, and i’m not into drugs. That may make me boring but i’ve grown up to see what that shit does to people. I have nothing against people who do drugs atall, i’d just rather not do them myself.

My grandad is my saviour. My fiance is my rock. Lisa, Emily and Jake are people who i trust with my life. And i never ever want to lose them. If you’d like to know anymore please do ask(:

love my followers. bless x